pistachio nuts =


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full tummy and deadly

you can't just eat like 5 of them you end up eating them for 15 minutes and after a while your tummy says

"hey stupid i'm full"

i got home from work 45 minutes ago, started eating them 15 minutes ago and now have pistachio burps

i bought a 4lb bag of them at costco, didn't realize how big it was until i got home. had to find containers big enough for them. but 4lbs for $15 isn't bad for up here


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they dont have that kind of effect on me, i just don't know when to stop eating them and i end up giving myself a stomach ache. guess not knowing what is for dinner isn't good for me either.

but i can see it now, my routine for tomorrow is going to be

8am get up and watch pregame and eat breakfast
9am watch one of 2 games being aired
10:30 start eating pistachios
12pm go tanning cause the new bed is really cool and i'll be super hot afterwards
12:15 back from tanning and watch more football
3:45 take shower cause it will be inbetween games
4:15 watch kick off for the late game
6pm eat dinner

game is over at 8 my time, so i'll be hunkered and ready for bed after laying around watching 9hrs of football. i love living up here during football season


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yup only thing that i don't like about football season up here is that it gets colder/rainier and snow is on it's way, i saw termination dust on a mountain tucked in the back thursday but still in denial of what i saw

but i LOVE having football from 8am-8pm

Monday i'm working so i'll mist the first game at 3, but will be home for the 6:15 game


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Well, as long as you avoid my crazy sister in Anchorage, and can manage a quiet cheer for my Seahawks here and there... I'll put one in for MJD, and we'll be good!!!!!


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my tummy hurts now :(:(:(

i ate through a bowl of pistachios last night, finished them off this morning, refilled the bowl and ate half the bowl again

salt on them is drying out my mouth, feels like a cat used my tongue as a scratch post. i have drank 3 32oz glasses of ice water in the last 2 hrs and it's made me have to pee every 30 minutes

full tummy and full bladder means long night for me