Pick your Team: 2021 Topps Heritage High Number 3 Box Group Break (FULL) Boxes in hand


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2021 Topps Heritage High Number 3 Box Group Break
BOXES are in hand

24 Packs per box, 1 Box Loader & 1 relic or autograph per box. Serial Numbered Chrome cards fall approximately 1:box on average. Look for refractor parallels, real one special edition red ink autographs numbered to 72 and limited edition clubhouse collection parallels including 1/1s!

The team you pick Is $26, & you get 2 additional random teams from the remaining 20. If you pay by PayPal F&F, it will be $1 less, at $25.

1) jordanrulz Yankees
2) jordanrulz Angels
3) Molitor04x Mariners paid
4) Molitor04x Reds paid
5) Lemole Braves paid
6) Lemole Indians paid
7) Therion Astros paid
8) LarryG Pirates paid
9) Molitor04x Tigers paid
10) mcgwirenut Marlins paid
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Transactions: 18
Boxes are in hand! Came in early!

If we can fill this up tonight, and people pay, we can break tonight!