Philly Card Show Pickups...Tiger Woods


Bench Warmer
Went to the Philly Card Show in Reading today...great show. I was able to pick up the following Tiger Woods cards for my son's PC: (I had one guy give me a great deal on all of them so I couldn't pass it up)

There were a few other Tiger GU pieces there but the dealers wanted 1/2 over bv which I was not about to pay. I saw 2 Tiger autos there and both dealers wanted about 3/4 over bv, again not wanting to pay that much for them. Plus, they were not graded or I would have considered it. I put my son's Tiger auto and Sergio Garcia gu auto in for grading so hopefully they will come back with a nice grade.

It was cool to that one dealer had a few kids by his showcase and he had a bunch of Babe Ruth GU cards and asked if they wanted to touch baseball history. They said yes and he opened one of the screwdowns that held a nice swatch of the Babe's card and had the kids feel the uniform. I had a chance too and it was a great experience from a nice dealer.