Phillip Rivers


Bench Warmer
Worst Qb ever.Bring in Whitehurst,he could'nt be any worse.The dude lives for the 1 or 2 yard dump off pass to Tomlinson or Gates,and just hopes they can break one to pad his stats.I seriously believe he does'nt even know he has Wr's running around on the field.If by chance he does throw it to a Wr.Does he throw it to the open one?Fruck no he throws it to the one thats covered by the opposing teams entire Defensive back field.

Sorry for the rant,but watching this dude pisses me off.And i am not even a Charger fan.:doh:


Bench Warmer
he sucked enough tonight to put me 10 up in my fantasy league with only josh brown on the other team too play.

he had -2 points, ha.