Partnership Banners

Banner or no banner for our partners?

  • Yes, use the banner if it could help the site.

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • No, I don't want to see any banners at all.

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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TP9 | VC15
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Since we previously promised there would be no more ads on the site, y'all will get to vote on whether or not this will be allowed. We're considering having a single banner spot on the site, that will be used as an incentive for other sites to partner with us. This will not be random, paid advertisements. Instead, this banner spot will be solely for our partners only as well as to promote some of the more important things going on here at TCZ, such as large contests.

The banner will be placed in the empty black space to the right of our logo. I've included a screenshot below so you can see where the banner will go on the site.


This decision is 100% up to you, the members. I will not be voting in this poll. The poll will be active for 1 week and we'll go with whatever the outcome from the voting is. If there is a tie, then it will be a no.
Sure if it helps the site go for it.

It sounds like by doing it the way you suggest whoever is on the graphics/site content board will be able to approve banners before they appear, with random ads you don't get that and sometimes sites have been burned a bit by the wrong type of banner slipping through.
I'm fine with it. I think most people would be fine with it, as long as we dont have pop ups, mid thread ads etc
Still 4 days before this poll ends. This is your chance to be part of yet another decision in TCZ's future! Let your voice be heard!