Panini is going patch crazy!


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Seriously.. not sure what to make of all that :confused:
If those are game-worn patches, then all I can say is sweet!! If they're from jerseys that these athletes put on for a few seconds and took off, just so they could call them player-worn, them it's not nearly as exciting. I would LOVE to have some of those cards if they were game-worn patches though. Those look absolutely amazing! I guess it does devalue a normal 2-color patch though. :LOL:
Cool cards, the Black Hawk logo is one of the iconic symbols in sports.

Nube question... why is an upcoming set labeled 2011-2012?
Im pretty sure its because they use the 11-12 final rosters and add the 12 rookies.. so they end a season with new stuff, instead of starting one.. did I make sense? :LOL: