Pack Odds...


1 (100%)
ok, trying to figure out how many of a card were produced for 2014 Topps Olympic

Stated Pack Odds for 1/1 Auto (50 in the set)
1:6416 HOBBY
1:4915 RETAIL

so that gives a hi/low for packs produced (based on stated pack odds and number of 1/1 autos)
320,800 HOBBY
245,750 RETAIL

Stated Pack Odds for Sochi Pin (29 in the set)
1:267 HOBBY
1:3277 RETAIL

so taking HOBBY odds on HOBBY packs (the highest pack total based on 1/1 odds) kicks out a number 41.43 per card average produced, at RETAIL odds it goes down to 3.37 average cards produced...

i contacted Topps awhile back and never got an answer for how many were made...shocking right?

i know they are pretty rare, as i busted quite a few packs (422 blasters, almost 4 hobby cases with 3 more coming next week) and havent pulled many, i would have to look at my spreadsheet which is on my other computer to see how many ive sold, but its not many, and i currently own 6 Pin cards...

anyone else annoyed how pack odds arent much help in the grand scheme of things? Hobby Pack odds for a 1/1 Auto are the same as for a 1/1 Relic, problem is, there are 50 different autos and only 22 different relics and for the Blaster packs, it is slightly harder to pull a Relic than an auto, by like 200 packs, which still wouldnt add up properly...


The card companies are always very hush hush on print runs, if the card is not numbered they will rarely ever tell you how many were made, same goes for the total for print run on base etc.... Sometimes they will give you a sorta number like "SP's are under 250 print run and SSP's are under 50 print run" but they never give you an exact number. The only reason they put the odds on the product is because they are required to do so, otherwise they wouldn't even release that info my guess. And they make it so you can only get ball park guesses on print runs, because even though their is 50 cards in the set they don't always make the same number of each card in that set (the SP's and SSP's stuff they pull), so the overall odds of getting a card from that set become more "vague" as that number is odds of pulling one of the cards in the set not odds of hitting each specific one as that number is higher.