OU's Jermaine Gresham Out for Season


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On Tuesday, the Sooners got more bad news when Gresham -- like Bradford, an NFL prospect who returned for another season -- had arthroscopic surgery to determine the extent of the cartilage damage in his right knee. Stoops said surgeons determined that Gresham needed stitches to repair the cartilage, and that he'll need about five months to recover.

That will put him out for the rest of Oklahoma's season.

Could have been collecting a NFL 1st round check right now... :doh:


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Wow, sux for OU fans!!

Yes it does.LOL I finally came back. We have a new laptop and I dont have this web addy. I will email to myself and have it for now on.LOL I missed u all. Man what a way to start a season, over before it even started. Oh well at least I dont have to wait till the end of the year for the BIG dissapointment.LOL Later all


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I hope it doesn't work, then, at OU ...

John Michael Boswell & Terrance Cody >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> any similar thing OU can do :dance: I think we should line up TC as the entire offensive line just to mess with opponents. His gravitational pull will make it damn near impossible for any DL to get to the QB, but unfortunately said gravitational pull would make it tough for RBs to get outside and alter the course of the ball.