Opinions on Buying a New Truck


Bench Warmer
I am going to Toyota tomorrow looking at the Tundras. Im not a big fan of Dodge but other than that I don't really care. I have Ford now but Im open to all suggestions. Anyone want to give me some input? I need the 4 regular sized doors b/c of the baby so thats really the only requirement.


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go with the Toyota ...son has a 91 and the thing takes a pounding ...I know the next truck I get is going to be a Toyota, have a chevy now and it bites big time.


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the tundra's are sweet trucks

if i were shopping fora truck, i'd definately be looking at a toyota, those things run forever and hardly break down. only crappy thing is if they do break down it costs you an arm and a leg to fix, but they don't really die.

my ex and i drove a toyota tercel his sister had, she knows nothing about cars accept where the gas goes. we drove it for a month before we realized it was almost out of oil and had NO coolant, not a drop of it and the engine never overheated (not that i recommend that with a vehicle)