opening day jitters


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first day back to classes after 4 months of nothing...and its to a real college with multiple disconnected buildings...

i was looking at my schedule and i have 15 minutes to go from one end of campus to the going to be leaving pretty early today to account for bad traffic due to flooding and it being the first day of classes...

its a 50 minute class today...boring...ill spend more time driving than i will in class :doh::ban:


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Make sure you bring your bus number, and the lunch I made you sweetie. And don't trade away your turkey sandwich for a snack pack.


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they should rent segways or bikes/skooters to help get you from one end to the other.

good luck on your first day, may you meet many a hot chick to hit on


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had 3 classes and a lab today. I also get 15 minutes passing time, btu it is only 5 minutes to the buildings I need to go to. Which means more TCG time :cheers:


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What school is this? If it is a big campus, I'd get a bike. When I went to Purdue, a bike was the only way I could get from certain classes to another in time :)

Where i go now, its like 3-4 buildings but all my classes are in the same one :)