Opened 3 boxes of UD Masterpieces BB today


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For the price point, I think this product is priced too high. But from a collector's view, I love the cards. I am going to put the set together.

auto cards that I got were Adam Lind, Matt Cain, and Adrian Gonzalez. Notable game-used cards were Griffey Jr., Mariano Rivera, Felix Hernandez. The large canvas cards that I got were Reggie Jackson, Ken Griffey Jr., and another guy whose name I can't remember.


Bench Warmer
any info on this product Lisa?

? It's one hard signed auto per box and two game used. There are about 4 or 5 framed cards in it with some that are numbered to 99 and 75 from what I've gotten. There are probably some lower numbers.

The true rookies in the set are: Lincecum (I got 3), Dice-K (I got 3 and one framed), Kei Igawa (2 or 3), Andrew Miller and Iwamura.


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Lisa - Congrats on the pulls. Would love to see scans of the product. LMK if you pulled any Liriano's or Uggla's :dance:

Congrats again :salut: