Opened 2 cases of Sportkings today


Bench Warmer
Box 1:
Mia Hamm silver auto (PC)
Quinton Jackson single memorabilia
Tony Dorsett patch 1 color

box 2
gold auto Bob Beamon
Amanda Beard auto (PC)
Larry Bird single memorabilia

box 3
Cityscapes Dual Jersey Terry Sawchuk Magic Johnson gold
Picabo Street silver auto (PC)
Phil Helmouth silver jersey

box 4
silver Reggie Bush 1 color patch
silver Nigel Mansell autograph
silver Troy Aikman single memorabilia

box 5
a redemption card for an Admit One Authentic Ticket Stub #17 Patrick Roy Stanley Cup Semi-Finals 1/1
Larry Bird silver autograph
Karch Kiraly multicolor memorabilia piece silver

box 6
silver Larry Bird auto jersey
silver Lumber card Stan Musial (looks pretty nifty)
3 color single memorabilia Thurman Thomas silver

Mark Spitz
Larry Holmes
Jackie Robinson
Nolan Ryan
Willie Shoemaker

base cards:
Larry Bird x2
Tom Seaver
Lou Ferrigno x2
Maurice Richard x2
Reggie White x3
Bob Beamon
Don Mattingly
John Wooden
Willie Mosconi
Stan Musial
Willie Shoemaker
Jackie Robinson
Mario Andretti


Lots of PC stuff for you!!! I'm still not so sure on this product, it seems very limited as to variety of athletes, particularly those with signatures and memorabilia. Also, the single color jersey swatches leave much to be desired.


Bench Warmer
This product is baffling. There is some unique stuff in it for sure but I'm not sure how it's secondary value will pan out.

Some cool pulls. That Roy sounds interesting. Looking forward to some scans.


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Man I bet those look nice , think i'm going to get at least a box. I've been checking their website ever since they said they were going to make them. I like the idea of an all sports product. And i'm not really caring that it's not affiliated with any one brand name per se or isn't what we would call certified.

The auto's are going kinda cheap so far on the bay of certain players.
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The first stuff of Pete Rose is in this set. Heard his game used and autos will sell for tons as singles.


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Not so hot but the Roy probably saved you. What exactly is it? Just a ticket 1/1 or is it auto'd too?

Looks like it was fun:cheers:

It looks like the Roy is a ticket 1/1. It's not auto'd from what I can see. It would be awesome if it were! I am sure I can find some Roy fan in Toronto this weekend to trade it to.