One box of score, 1 pack of Ultra SE, and some pickups


Bench Warmer
Cannot use the scanner right now but this is the goods:

Pickups from the shop:
Dwayne Jarrett Classics
Ted Ginn Jr Prestige #/999
L Booker/Boldin Elite Insert #/200
Hunter Pence UD Rookie of the Month card

Ultra SE Pack (1 pack that is all the shop had):
Ben Roethlisberger Jersey card
Adrian Peterson Lucky 13 Rookie

Score Box ($30 for a 32 pack box of card = :cheers:)
Hot Rookies:
Calvin Johnson
Ted Ginn
Robert Meachem
Dwayne Bowe

Most of the major rookies, some # cards, and some cool Glossy cards (Colston, Rudi, and Chad J)

But yea thats it if you need scans it will be a while for them.