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OK, this cavman crap is getting out of hand...


Saw a commercial last night for a new sitcom coming to ABC later this year called "The Cavemen". Are they serious??? I mean the commercials are modestly funny. I can't see a full show being that good.:thumbdown:


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yes they are serious...ideas for sitcoms are crap, over half the crap on primetime is some sort of reality show

I'd take this alleged Cavemen show over ANY reality show any day of the week. As bad as that Cavemen show could (and probably will) be, it can't be any worse than reality tv.


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It will be the best show on tv - or it will totally suck, there is no inbetween with this one. I hope its the best........


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I find some of the commercials funny (the psychologist/psychiatrist one with 'Its' my mother, I'll put it on speaker), others eh don't care. I've heard from watching tv shows and reporters that EVERYONE says the caveman show is HORRIBLE with a capital C.


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And people wonder why I don't watch network TV any more.

There are a lot of very good shows on network TV. And by a lot I mean very few. :) But there are a few very good ones- ones I'd say are the best on TV.

This caveman show is intriguing to me. I know it would be historically incorrect but if there was a show with dinosaurs and cavemen, I would so be there!!!

P.S. As a small child I used to love dinosaurs. I was a nerd. :lollol: