OK, I'm a big wimp...


Bench Warmer
I absolutely hate spiders. I make my wife kill them... :(

They are everywhere outside my house and in my basement and BIG. Some have bodies almost the size a quarter. I left my car here for a week while I was away and I opened the back door and there was a spider making a huge nest inside the door frame. It jumped out and ran under the car. I was scared.
Spiders are good critters! They eat bugs!

I guess now would not be a good time to mention that I have a big 'ol Rose Hair Tarantula as a pet......
Spiders are not on my list as well liked ..... I will usually step on them or push them out of the way with a broom.

Every get bit bite by one? The tiny ones will swell a finger up and make it go numb :)
There is a very large spider making a huge web on the outside of the door to our deck. Watching it work from the other side of the door was very interesting but yet scary. I actually would like to see it eat a bug.
don't feel bad, i'm scared of spiders and bugs in general. accept mosquitoes. i hate those things cause the ones up here are HUGE. Seriously they are about the size of a quarter. you can see their eyeballs. and the person that said they die after they bite you, LIED. the ones up here go suck your friends blood after biting you.

If my bed is too close to the wall, I get bit in the butt by spiders. Living downstairs sucks sometimes. I cant sleep with my window open because of them.