Baseball Official Baseball Group Break Club - July 2020


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SCC Official Baseball Group Break Club - July 2020

Let's run it back y'all! Well, sorta...let's try different boxes this time. Ha!


Price: $35/spot (1 owned team + 1 drafted team)
Confirmation Deadline: July 17
Payment Due: July 24
Break Method: Live@Breakers.TV & Recording@YouTube

Card Distribution

Cards will be distributed by one of the following methods, in this order:

1) Team printed (text or logo) on the card.
2) Team pictured on the uniform.
3) Team the player currently plays for.
4) Team the player played for longest.

Multi-team cards will go to the member who has the most owned teams (non-draft teams) on the card. If that doesn't decide it, it goes to the member with the most total teams featured on the card. If that can't determine it, it will go to the member with the team on the left, then top, of the card. For example, if the players are pictures left to right, the team featured on the furthest left of the card gets it. If the players are pictures top to bottom, the furthest top team gets it. If the players are situated on the corners, or some other way, the team with the left, top player will get it.

Cards from old teams that simply moved to a new town will be given to the owner of the team that they moved to (ie. Montreal Expos = Washington Nationals).

All cards that cannot be determined from one of the above methods will be randomed off using our


All "hits" will be placed in toploaders, magnetics, or screwdowns. All low numbered (/99 or less) inserts will also be placed in a toploader. Everything else goes in a team bag, wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap. All of that is sent in a bubble mailer, with delivery confirmation (where available).

  1. Mike - Rangers
  2. Indiana Jones - Yankees
  3. PAVI39 - Brewers
  4. franklinguy52 - Reds
  5. franklinguy52 - Angels
  6. Obert22 - Red Sox
  7. captkirk42 - Nationals
  8. OldNewRips - Mets
  9. PAVI39 - Braves
  10. metsman1986 - White Sox
  11. pwolantern - Tigers
  12. OldNewRips - Blue Jays
  13. Indiana Jones - Mariners
  14. Mike - Astros
  15. -Available-

Bold means confirmed.
Green means payed.
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Sorry guys, haven't been around in a while. Well, at least not actively. I thought I might've had that rona several days ago. Turns out it was just some kind of stomach bug. Feeling much better now, and ready to roll! I'll send metsman a PM to see if he's rejoining us or not.

Payments have been updated. I'll post a few box suggestions in the next day or so.


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Ok, here are a few options to choose from. As always, if anyone has any other ideas for options post them up!

Option 1

2020 Panini Absolute - 4 autos, 2 relics
2020 Topps Finest - 2 autos
2020 Topps Big League

Option 2

2020 Topps Series 2 - 1 auto or relic
2020 Topps Clearly Authentic - 1 encased auto
2020 Topps Finest - 2 autos
2020 Topps Archives Signature Series Retired Player Edition - 1 buyback auto

Option 3

2020 Topps Series 2 - 1 auto or relic
2020 Panini Diamond Kings - 1 auto, 1 relic
2020 Panini Donruss Optic - 2 autos
2020 Panini Prizm - 3 autos