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Not sure why he didnt have them add the surcharge, but....

There may have been a problem in the amount of money (for postage) that was selected at the USPS. This may result in: 1. Your package returning to me for insufficient postage, 2. the USPS charging you for postage due, and/or 3. they let it go through without any problems. I wanted you to be aware of this problem - the person at the USPS charged for First-Class letter and not Large Envelope (a difference of about $0.26), due to the 1/4" thickness rule (new postage rules). Please let me know if you are charged extra postage, and I will ensure the difference is taken care of. If the item gets sent back to me, please allow time for me to resend. Overall, this problem was beyond my control, and I will do everything in my power to make amends. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks again for your purchase.
Very good thing for the seller to have done, he found a possible problem & notified you ahead of time. Some of the Postal Clerks are having problems with the new rules, I know some of the one's I've been to have. I'd say that was a very positive thing to have done unless it was all a big fat lie which I doubt.
I mailed a package last week that might have a problem with that stupid thickness rule. I just looked it up on usps.com, and to qualify for the large envelope rate, it has cant be more than 3/4" thick, cant be rigid, and must have uniform thickness. So it sounds like basically any cards going out in a bubble mailer are going to be package rates.

I would imagine though in this case, if the person at the counter labeled it wrong, you should be fine. Once it gets past them I cant imagine anyone else measuring the thickness and comparing it to the rate paid.
You guys are right.

Oh, and card rec'd today!!! Had a label for extra 17 cents :)
cool i can say every office is different also the office go to. One lady says the bubble mailer will cost me 80 cents . Then she feels a hard spot in the package and says oh wait this is rigid it will be 1.13 . BS i went out to the automated machine and it cost me 80 cents and they got there fine :D they just don't know whats rigid and whats not.