ocean force


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toks hnwile to type that

been on a scaourt tv kicks latesly

some bguy got stopped 3 tiems in oene nights

845, 1045 and 11 54 fors minor drinmking. lasnt one had pot too :clap::clap::salut::salut:


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neverse een any9ones arrested 3 timess in onoe nights

its in floirirda druing spring brek

wasa funny when dcop notices, hims got 2 tix earalier ands got stopsed again, an ds had more beer

he had to prour bere outs 3 timesn, no chance to rdrink its


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wow last night was fun

i remember watching the show and couldn't believe this one kid that got pulled over. he's 18 and had been pulled over 3 times in less than 3 hrs for being minor in possession of booze. they made him pour it out all 3 times, so the kid couldn't even drink any. cop starts going through his car and finds pipe and drug stuff, so finally after this kid getting 3 appear notices, the cop finally decided to take him to jail

i dont' think i've even been stopped 3 times in 3 hrs. i did get stopped 2 times in an hour for speeding, by the same cop, but never 3 times in 3 hrs for the same thing

charlie-i guess watching me and jason do medicated posts has helped everyone