Now the death march starts


Bench Warmer
it is going to be very tough for LSU not to have a letdown in the next 4 games

Oct 6. Home vs Florida
Oct 13 at Kentucky
Oct 20 Home vs Auburn
Nov 3 at Alabama
Nov 10 Home was La Tech (layup)
Nov 17 at Ole Miss (biggest rival)
Nov 23 Home vs Arkansas (McFadden)

and if we take care of business the SEC title game

against either

South Carolina
or Kentucky

at a somewhat neutral site.


Bench Warmer
not rooting against you in any one specific game but we need florida to lose again and probably two losses from either you or usc to have a legitimate shot so, good luck.... kinda


Bench Warmer
Id like to see a LSU/USC game so go Tigers!

I would too. I really want to play them... there are tons of reasons but the JD Booty story line would be really good. He and Jacob Hester are close friends. and both his brothers went to LSU.