now im confused


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so i filed a paypal claim/ebay non reciept on the boller turkey red 1/1, the guy sent some hate mail my way saying he shipped it the 23rd, but in the paypal claim i put the item number where he sold it before :think:

today i get a refund with this note

Dear jason wilson,

jayson edwards ( has issued you a full or
partial refund for your payment.

Please do not reply to this email. Email sent to this address cannot be

Message From Seller:
i am refunding ur amount and please leave positive feedback sorry for
the inconvenience


umm first off, if i paid for something and didnt get it, why would i leave positive feedback?

second, why would he apologize for the inconvience if he actually sent it

third, if he actually sent it, why wouldnt he try to fight the paypal claim :think:

what a d-bag, ill give it a week, if i dont see anything he will get a neu...