Non Card Mailday, but a First!

Well, being a huge buccs fan, but never wanting to spend the money for authentic jersey, i was fine with just watching them play on espn's game cast and the occasional game here and there, and picking up a few hats.
but eastbay had a HUGE sale on white authentic jerseys and finally picked one up. took me awhile to decide which player, but ended up going with my favorite, Ryan Nece (UCLA alum) LB.
after waiting the full 6 weeks to get here, its finally arrived :D :D :D


Extremely happy with it, and i just realized i forgot to take a picture of the back...will add it later. anyways, im starving, and the pizza's done, so i'll add the other picture soon. :D
enjoy and thanks for looking.
Thanks Everyone! :cheers:
cant wait to wear it on sunday. dont want to get any turkey or gravy on it on thanksgiving, so it will stay safely hidden in my closet :roflmao: but after that, gameday :D
2 questions and 1 comment:

How much was it and does Eastbay still have the sale going on ?

Very nice :salut:

all together with shipping and tax (and a 15 dollars off code that my brother found), it was about 150.
and yes i believe the sale is still going on for some teams. i did a search for nfl jerseys and it looks like theres a good number still on sale. heres the link
most of the jerseys on sale are at the bottom