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ok, ive been a fan of Riki Lindhome since she was on BBT as Ramona Nowitzki...she has had other bit parts and such, but that is what set it off for me...anyway, she is in a band with Kate Micuchi and they write dirty songs that are super funny...

so these came in today

their 2 cd releases, can catch Riki in Another Period as one of the lead characters, its on Comedy Central and I think it comes back mid June...its full of laughs, shes a writer producer director on it, and Kate is in a few episodes...


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Odd I don't remember seeing Riki on BBT, or didn't know who she was if I did. I do remember Kate being on BBT as Lucy, Raj's very bizarre girlfriend for a while. Before that I had been aware of them as Garfunkel and Oates from occasional video posts on the usual sites; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter retweets that link to a million other tweets before you find what you are really looking for.