Nice Trade Bait for sale.. Pics within


Bench Warmer
i have a lot of 17 cards for sale,,, not interested in breaking up at this time

heres the link, every crad pictured is included

forSPAonly pictures by bluebug73_bucket - Photobucket

matt ryan spa dual patch /4 color
hightower contenders auto
jaosn smith super spa auto
chuck foreman legendary contenders auto
jan stenerud 3 color legends patch
tiki barber NT triple
leftwich logo patch
holmes/jackson rc auto
galloway 4 color patch
reggie white gu
montana gu
calvin johnson 9/9
devey henderson dual auto /15
S. Smith DUal Auto
Ray lewis gu
m coleston dual auto
a. bolden auto

Asking $120.00 delivered With DC

lmk if any interest