Nice Little Before-Trip Ebay win

Well, i'm heading to DC on saturday for a week to go sight seeing and going to a Nationals game as well. anyways, was looking around ebay and saw this havner, and thought why not. pulled the trigger, and just paid (for 12 dlvd)
here it is


im thinking of purchasing a box of pp legends after i get back as well, we'll see :D
I saw it earlier and thought of you and presto, here it is.

Congrats :cheers:

Thanks! :cheers:
haha yeah, i've tried to cut down my card purchasing :D spending too much. just paid for my books (375 and change) haha so thats not cool.
anyways, i was hoping medlock or hickman would have cards out by now, but no luck :(


Bench Warmer
I cant believe Hickman was an All-American and didnt get drafted. Hopefully he will find a card or two. Id even take a mini-helmet :D
First, thanks for all the kind words :D !

Sick card, and I hope I can get away with books as cheap as you and Jerry!Jerry!:D

haha well, this is the start of my second year in college, so my books are still on the cheaper side. i have to wait until the first week of fall to see how much i can get back on my books from summer and the spring semester.