Hockey NHL 17 Mcfarlane


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For those of you who also collect Mcfarlane hockey figures, I will post the packaged sample pics here as they are shown on their website. These are scheduled to hit stores in late January.


Hugo said:
nice stuff do you know if they are going to make a Andrew Raycroft toy in the leafs?

You never know it is possible. They already have a Bruins Raycroft sculpt, so it would just be a matter of repainting him in Leaf colors, but in all honesty, I'd assume we'll see a Leafs Toskala before we'll ever see a Raycroft, unless he turns into Patrick Roy real soon. :eek:

mat19: I doubt they'd do a Gionta. They haven't even done Elias. There really isn't a huge market for players of his caliber, or NJ figs in general. Mcfarlane is more interested in making big market team figs like the Leafs, Avs, Rangers, and Wings.
The Ovechkin figure in the pics is missing the "A", and the small #8's on the sleeve which will be on the figure before release. :)