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NFL Freebies Galore


Hey guys,

from 2006 to 2013 I ripped a ton of wax, mostly from mid range products such as Elite, Limited, Certified, Prestige ... which means I have accumulated a ton of Inserts, RC's, GU and AU cards over the years. During the past few weeks I have sorted all those cards into team lots.

To make a little room I have decided to give all those team lots away ... for free. All you have to do I let me know (by personal message) which team lot you'd like to have. Since I didn't count the number of cards per lot, I can only give you a rough guess. Each team lot should contain 50-100 cards, including GU and AU cards. Sometimes more, sometimes less. If I remember correctly there are also some patch or multicolored GU cards in most of the team lots. Unfortunately you won't find big name autographs such as Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice ... I haven't been lucky enough to pull one of those.

All I ask of you is a little patience until you have the cards in hand. Due to a busy work schedule I can't plan a trip to the post office each day. Since I'm shipping from germany, mail might take a few more days to arrive in the US.

Anyway ... Here's the list of teams that are available:

All teams gone or claimed ... Those who haven't received yet, please check your inbox, I still need an adress from you. As there are others interested in those teams as well, I'll send the cards their way after SB LI if I don't hear back from you.

I hope some of the cards find their way into someones personal collection, but in the end it's totally up to you what you do with the cards. Of course, if you like what you get, I won't mind a few bucks sent my way via paypal ;) But then again, that's also totally up to you.

Edit: deleted the teams that are already gone, everything else is still up for grabs.
Edit 2: updated the list once again
Edit 3: another update which teams are still available
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We would love a seattle seahawks lot

Also kids love to collect the Arizona cards and Carolina panthers
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Sorry for the delay guys. Been a crazy week at work. I'll try to have the next lots out this week. Updated the list of unclaimed teams again.


Hey Kai, I know I said I would sit this out but my kids have spoken up and Ben would love the Broncos lot and Will would love the Jaguars lot. Trying to still make them Browns fans but I figure I won't fight it as I'm just happy they are into collecting cards!