New to eTopps. Couple questions..

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Just signed up after seeing all of your posts about 'em.

1. How do you buy the cards from the eTopps site? Is it just wait for the weekly cards come around, and if you like them, you buy 'em? I mainly want the RCs that they offer.

2. How do you get the autographs? Do you buy the plain RC first, than you enter a chance for the autograph?

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I am pretty new too. Only a few weeks so far.

If you go to the online section here, Jason has a whole post that is stickied that explains a lot


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Just read it, thanks. Makes more sense. You must have the card beforehand, then sometime in the future they can do autographs (I think I have that right)

gotta have the card in your port to go for the auto, they dont do autos all the time, and if you dont have the card and want it after the auto is announced its going to cost you as there is a significant price spike most of the time