New Show: Ice Road Truckers



This show looks pretty cool. Anyone else see the previews? Looks to be modeled after Deadliest Catch. I saw a special on Discovery Channel a couple years ago about this ice highway that these truckers drive on.

Looks like I may have something to watch this summer after all :)

that's got to be about the guys that work on the pipeline up north by barrow

they make the ice roads and on any given day the ice can shift and drop 3-4 feet, which i guess makes the trek interesting. they put something in the paper up here every year when the "road" opens and closes. they get off the road before it melts though

who would have thought that alaska would be so popular for reality tv shows, they should follow the fish and game guy in anchorage for a summer. he darts black bears, shoots grizzlies and puts moose out of their misery when they are half eaten by bears. fridays paper had a bear scratching its head on the front page but on the back of the front page section had a bear EATING a baby moose.
I think the promo said it starts on June 17th I believe it will be on A&E. They used 50 or 60 cameras to follow 6 of these guys 24/7 for the season. Saw some cool footage of ice breaking while the truck was driving on it- the wheels straddling the crevice in the ice. Looked pretty sweet.

I saw the original special they did on ice road truckers. It was really good. I'll probably give this show a watch or two.
Now that... is reality TV.

i would post the pic that was in the paper but i'm sure people would be offended by seeing a bear chin deep in the middle of a baby moose. the thing that upset people was the next pic was of mom and the baby, and the baby was feeding off mom, same calf