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Hi guys,

my name is Martin and i am from Leipzig, Germany.

I collected basketball cards mainly back in the 90's.
But since i have some more money now i started again.
The only cards i am looking for are Masterpieces of Orien Greene.

I already found two on this site, the 05-06 Topps Chrome Superfractor and the Luxury Box 1/1, but i do not know who owns them right now. Any help is appreciated!

Regards, Martin
welcome to the site and have fun trading any questions you can contact any mod on here and tehy will help you out

Hiya Martin! Welcome to the site. Glad to have you on board!! :) If you have any questions, or need help with anything please don't hesitate to give me, or one of the other staff members a shout. ;) Looking forward to seeing you on the hockey boards. :)