new illinois driving law possibility


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there are lots of restrictions they are trying to put on teen drivers and the one that i see the most problems with is the "off the road by 10pm on school nights, 11pm on weekends"...when i was 16 i was working til 1015-1030 during the week, so id get home 1030-1045...not sure how well this one will go over with parents with working kids...
they don't care if you work or not in PA .... got to be in by Midnight (then again, what kid works to that time anyways)
they didn't do a time limit up here but new drivers have to have their lisence for so long before they can have teenagers in the car with them. i think it's 180 days.

but we have a curfew up here and no business is allowed to schedule kids in school past a certain time, so i guess we sort of have the law but they made all the businesses make sure the kids are off the clock by a certain time so they are able to get home