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Bench Warmer
Im new to SCF but not to trading..i've been online trading for about 4 years now and i have user names at TR "PennyFan" and Hobby Kings "Jesus_Freak527"...Im looking for Daniel Ewing RC Autos i have 10/62 right now and im looking for Non-Sticker Dwight Howard Autos..Im sure i will have alot of trades at this site and thanks for takin the time to read my hello.

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dbackfan12--Thanks and God is love!

Hands--Thanks :) im sure i will love it here!!

leafsfan1967--Didn't i just do that? lol ;)

hockeyrules555--Thanks! :)

ac-n-mike--Thanks im proud to be a "Freak" :D

DimeTimeSportscards--Thanks :)