New! Group Box Breaks Forum Rules (effective 8/14/2023)

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Hi everybody. We thought it was a good idea and good time to put a few Group Box Breaks forum rules in place. Please see below for the Group Box Breaks forum rules. And please contact Andy or Mike with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Group Box Breaks Forum Rules (effective 8/14/2023):

1. If you would like to have access to the Group Box Breaks forum to post/run group breaks please request through Andy or Mike.

2. Group Box Breaks forum settings have been changed and ALL group break threads will have to be approved by admin before they go live.

3. Group Box Breaks forum threads may only be bumped once per day each.

4. Group Box Break forum threads will be closed/removed if they do not fill within 30 days.
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Just wanted to let everybody know that we have decided to relax the no cross posting breaks rule and will be allowing people to cross post their breaks on other platforms/sites. Please just be sure to alert people here on SCC when there are any updates on a break that is posted here and also somewhere else.

And please let us know if anybody has any questions.
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