New Group Box Break Forum


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As I'm sure some of you may have noticed by now, we have merged all of our group break threads into a single forum. The reason was simply to remove some of the sub-forums. I didn't feel like the group break forums were active enough that we needed a separate forum for each sport. We usually have no more than 1-2 group breaks in any given sport at any given time. Also, a lot of members who are in 1 group break are in several of the others so I thought it would be easier to combine the forums to make hopping from thread to thread at least a little quicker.

Sticky Threads

All of the currently active breaks will be "sticky", meaning they should be listed at the top and shaded with a slightly different colored background so they stand out a bit more. If you notice a break that is active but doesn't have the "sticky", simply report the thread or PM a team member about it and we'll get it taken care of. In most cases, however, a team member will likely notice it and get it stuck within several hours.

Sport Prefixes

When you view the new forum you'll notice the colored prefixes, colored by sport. In order to filter the threads so that you only see group breaks from that particular sport, you only need to click on one of the prefixes. That will remove all the threads that don't have that specific prefix applied.