New Epix hits FT


Bench Warmer
Just got 6 packs of Panini Epix. Got 3 hits out of six packs.

The hits:
Jason Pierre Paul rc auto #'d 241/399
SlBQIEVwaXggYXV0by5qcGc.jpg picture by jratliff70 - Photobucket

Perrish Cox rc auto #'d 308/499
UGVycmlzaCBDb3ggRXBpeCBhdXRvLmpwZw.jpg picture by jratliff70 - Photobucket

And a Sunday Showdown Chris Johnson/Ray Lewis dual prime jersey #'d 18/50
Q0otUmF5IExld2lzIFByaW1lLmpwZw.jpg picture by jratliff70 - Photobucket

Love the hologram design on the autos. Lmk if you're interested.


Bench Warmer
Hey bud sorry just traded both of those last night. Got a Archie Manning NT auto, Donald Brown NT auto/patch, and Hakeem Nicks SPA auto patch for them.