new cards of r trade bowe, johnson, white, cambell, amd p. manning


Bench Warmer
2007 rpm dwayne bowe auto 84/100
2006 leaf rookies and stars prime cuts dual larry johnson one color on one and three color on the other one 6/25
2006 absolute memorbila marks of fame lendale white two color patch auto 4/25
2005 absolute memorbila marks of fame jason cambell one color patch auto 214/300
2002 donruss jersey kings payton manning one color patch 20/25
looking for packers and braylon edwards lmk what you have thanks will alos look at list or sites
atrain2004 said:
like the manning and bowe
i like the lynch pull out auto and the cutler u auto lmk if there is any thing there would love more then any thing to get the reggie white but it a dream lmk thanks