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Hi guys, some of you may know me by now but for those who dont my name is Rigo, ive been here on TCZ for a coupke of months and I think its the best site around, recently my family has had a bit of bad news, we have just been notifieda bout a week ago that she has cancer, now unlike me shes a huge texans fan,, me and my brothers have pretty much raised her since her dad walked out on them, and well she stuck with my brother on being a texans fan, recently after her chemotherapy she tends to hit these sorta slumps where she gets all depressed, since shes been staying with us I noticed she seems to be more active and alert whenever I bust out my pc collection, she asks so many questions like , whos that, is he good and so forth, so I had an idea,, ive decided to stop my collecting for abit and help her start her own, and what better place to start than here on TCZ, now this is where I would like your help,, I'm looking to get her as many basic, insert or autos I can for her texan collection, I'm looking to see if anyone can help me out, I'm willing to trade or buy them, just not too expensive, as the constant trips to take her to houston to the hospital has eaten into our christmas money and savings, so any help would be greatly appreciated, I will soon be posting pics of our beautiful girl to iliviate any doubts as to wether I'm legit or not, but those her that know me know I'
But those here that know me know I'm real, thanks again and sorry but I messed up and put it in this second post, thanks guys
Sorry to hear the bad news, I will definitely keep your family in my prayers. I have a package of some Texans stuff put together for and just have not been able to send it yet. But, it will be going out by Friday at the latest.
I'm always looking to thin down the cards I don't collect or attempt trading. I have a good stack of texans base cards from over various years. If this is something that you'd like me to send, please send me your mailing address! I'll take care of the rest.
She's a cutie Rigo! Hope she can beat the crap out of this cancer. She's just too cute, and too young, to have to be going through this.