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Bench Warmer
Need help with a decision. A month ago I got Sean Marshall from Cincy to sign something. It's at the bottom of the pic below.


That's an advertising panel found in boxes of 2008 Topps Heritage. It's the only thing I had of Marshall and keeping the thing in tact isn't important to me. Should I just trim each into individuals, at least to make them easy to store? How do you guys feel?
I would say that if it is not important, it would be easier to protect and keep if you trimmed it. I dont think the value would be that great if kept in tact, anyways.
Yeah, without any kind of authenticity, the value isn't that of an authenticated auto anyway. If it's something for your PC alone and you know you're never getting rid of it, I don't see the harm in trimming. I wouldn't go and try to sell the others or anything like that of course but (I'm being repetitive) if the card is yours and always will be, I see no problems trimming it.