Need Paypal Help?


Bench Warmer
hey guys i need some advice
im gonna make a purchase where i want to use my credit card through paypal, i have it connected to my paypal account and its even set to be my primary card but when i make payments it still debits the money from my bank account
i never cared before because i havent bought anything this big in a long time, but this one needs to go on the cc
do i need to upgrade my account to use a cc? and if i do that can i downgrade back to a regular account later on?
or am i just missing something?

Rutgers Collector

When you go to pay, it usually shows what's going to be deducted from your Paypal account, and if there isn't enough there, how much from your backup funding. Next to here, in a small blue link, it should say "switch to other funding options". When you click that, it should bring up your credit card to switch to.