Need money......check the bucket


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Hey just basically need a little money to do some catch-up on bills and things are a little tight for me presently........looking to move a couple cards.

The one main card im looking to move is one of my rarest Maroneys I own right now and its a sweet one too.

06 Topps Triple Threads Sapphire Parallel RC 9/10......too rare and no book so make offers

I also have a few other Maroneys but im less inclined to sell them.....but will for the right offer

Have a ton of 07 Topps Chrome RCs........A nice Patrick Willis SPX Gold RC Auto Triple Jersey /199, John Beck Topps Chrome Auto RC, Dwayne Bowe UD Premier Gold Auto Quad Jersey RC / name a few

Let me know what interests any of you.......if smaller buying please include S/H and only Money checks (unless ive dealt with you before) or Paypal, thanks