Need help for a 12yr old boy


Bench Warmer
I take care of a 12 yr old boy that lives with his aunt. She can't afford alot as his mom only send s $300 a month to take care of him. She is to busy living a party life to deal with her son. What I need is some wrestling cards of a guy named Jon Cena and The rock. Those are his 2 favorite players. If anyone can send some extras that they have it would make his day. We don't have a card shop around here and our walmart doesn't carry them. Please pm me with what you can help with. Thankyou April
hey wuts going on i have about 10 or more cards of the rock and i have this photo of him from this photcard type thing they use 2 do back that id be more then happy 2 trade for any of these.......

Image of game used bv $40 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (game floor one)

Image of bv $60 G/U & jordans - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (jr smith one and maybe the mccants)

lmk if ur intrested....

the only reason why im trading and not giving away is because like ur son thats my fav wrestler and im still a teen myself and love wrestling and have been watching em my whole life so those cards are pretty cool u know but ill be willing 2 trade em as long as its helping a lil kid feel better! :)