NCAA 2008 For sale in hand!!! ps3 and x box 360


Bench Warmer
Ok just got in my first shipment of EA's NCAA football 2007 for x box 360 and ps3! (about 14 copies) For all you guys I am selling them for 48.00 dlvd. I accept cash, check , money order, and paypal. ( please add 1$ fopr paypal fee) These retail at 59.99 in the stores and it just came out today!!!! Please let me know if you want a copy asap as I will send the rest to ebay! thanks in advance.

- john



Bench Warmer
I'll take a copy for 360. PM me your PayPal address and I'll pay tonight/early tomorrow morning (like 3-4 a.m. early ;)). Thanks.


i want a madden for the ps3 if my bff buys one. then we play online together in bff tournaments!!