My tradelist....same garbage, except for some unlisted '07 Topps


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Absolute garbage, but if anyone needs anything, LMK. And like a percasic doped up Jason, everyone here should know what I want by now.


In no particular order either, since I have little time to organize, since I'm at a public library.

2004 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Matt Schaub Big Dawgs Patch #'d/100 :dance:
2005 Absolute Dennis Eckersely Marks of Fame Triple Jersey Autograph #'d 1/10 :shock:
2000 UD Pros & Prospects Mike Anderson RC #'d/1000
2000 UD Vintage Preview Bubba Franks / Charles Lee / Naill Diggs RC #'d/1500
2000 Leaf R & S Lavernaous Coles RC #'d/1000
1989 Score Thurman Thomas RC

2002 Donruss Career Stat Line Chester Taylor RC #'d/55 :cheers:
2002 Playoff Contenders "No Autograph" Albert Haynesworth RC #'d/800 \:D/
2001 SPA Gold Gerrad Warren RC #'d/100
'97-'98 Finest Embossed Silver Refractor Antonio Daniels RC #'d/263 :clap:
'04-'05 Finest Uncirculated Blue XFractor Gilbert Arenas #'d/25
2003 Finite Musa Smith JSY
2003 UD Musa Smith JSY

2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Musa Smith JSY #'d/750
2004 UD Legends Auto Ray Guy
2005 Fleer Game Time David Ortiz JSY
2004 Fleer Tradition Reggie Williams HELMET
2001 Topps Heritage Ladainian Tomlinson RC #'d/1956
2004 Topps Chrome Uncirculated XFractor Greg Jones #'d/279
2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity Thomas Jones #'d/50

2006 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Chrome Ernie Sims RC
2005 SP Authentic Dante Ridgeway #'d/550
2005 Absolute Spectrum Dante Ridgeway #'d/100
2004 Fleer Showcase Playmakers Michael Vick :ban:

2005 Topps Heritage: RC's Orton, Ronnie Brown, Mike Williams, Frank Gore, Channing Crowder, Corey Webster, Alex Smith (TE), Derrick Johnson, Cadillac Williams, Reggie Brown Chrome. Delhomme Chrome, Bryalon and Ronnie Brown New Age Performers

2003 Avant Black Musa Smith #'d/199
2003 Topps Gold Musa Smith #"d/499

'04-'05 Finest Basketball: Rashard McCants Refractor, Jarret Jack RC Refractor, Sean May Blue Uncirculated Refractor #'d/50, Dirk XFractor JSY #'d/129 and a few others (Green Ref. David Wesley and Rasheed #'d/49).

'04-'05 Topps Press Plate Kerry Kittles 1/1 (Yellow) :drool:
'03-'04 Topps JE Eddy Curry JSY
'03-'04 SP GU Eddy Curry JSY
'01-'02 Stadium Club Stephen Jackson JSY (RC Year)
'01-'02 SP GU Floor Stephen Jackson FLOOR (RC Year)
'01-'02 UD Pros & Prospects Eddy Curry SHOE RC #'d/350
2004 SP GU Marshall Faulk JSY
2001 Pacific Atomic Chris Weinke FSU 2-Color JSY RC Year

2005 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Chrome Dan Orlovsky Superfractor #'d 1/1 :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
2005 SAGE HIT The Write Stuff Auto Dan Orlovsky #'d/25 :p

2005 UD Legends :p : RC's #'d/725: Roddy White, Larry Brackins, Marlin Jackson, Carlos Rogers, Aaron Rodgers, Adrian McPherson, Darren Sproles, Mark Bradley. Legends #'d/1025: Singletary, Elway, Barry Sanders and Jack Ham.

Auto's: Conrad Dobler, Billy Kilmer, Charley Taylor, Ottis Anderson, Harry Carson, Joe Ferguson, Ollie Matson, L.C. Greenwood, Rocky Bleier, Jim Zorn. Future Legends JSY: Courtney Roby, Troy Williamson, Terrence Murphy and Frank Gore.

2002 Private Stock Hobby (True) RC Reche Caldwell GU FB #'d/17 \:D/
1995 Ultra Rod Smith RC (x2)
'01-'02 HHP Eddy Curry RC #'d/1000 JSY
2004 Bowman Draft Picks Kyle Sleeth JSY (Detroit Tigers P)
2005 Press Pass Red Ink Alex Smith (TE) Auto :drool:
2000 Quantum Leaf Infinity John Avery #'d/25
2003 Fleer Platinum Platinum Taylor Jacobs #'d/100

2003 Leaf Rookies & Stars Longevity Dual Patch Taylor Jacobs / Kelley Washington #'d/25 :drool:
2002 Press Pass SE Reche Caldwell Autograph
1998 Score Randy Moss RC
2000 Topps Chrome Ron Dayne RC #'d/1650
2000 UD MVP Gold Signature Rob Johnson #'d/100
2005 Bowman Matt Jones Gold RC

2000 Donruss Elite Ron Dayne RC #'d/2000
2000 Donruss Elite Thomas Jones RC #'d/2000
'03-'04 Fleer Tradition Zarko Cabarkapa / Jarvis Hayes / Mickael Pietrus Crystal #'d/50
2003 Ultimate Collection Musa Smith #'d/25
2003 UD Pros & Prospects Gold Musa Smith / Charley Trippi #'d/50
2003 Leaf Rookies & Stars Masks #'d/325
2003 Finite Mike Seidman Gold RC #'d/50
2000 Prism Prospects Thomas Jones RC #"d/1000
'00-'01 EX Postmarks Jamaal Crawford
2002 Leaf Gold Rookie Bill Hall (Brewers SS/3B)

2005 Topps RC's: Cadillac, Charlie Frye, Aaron Rogers, Mike Williams, Thomas Davis, Kyle Orton, Bryant McFadden, Mark Bradley and Ronnie Brown.

2003 Prestige RC's: Rickie Weeks, Ching Meng-Wang (x2)

2003 Donruss Team Heroes RC's: Rickie Weekes, Dan Haren and Hong Chin Kuo.

2003 Leaf Delmon Young RC
2005 Bowman Draft Picks RC's: Nolan Reimold, Scott Blue, Nick Webber, Melky Cabrera. Gold: Brent Cox (NYY)

2005 Bowman Draft Pick Chrome Jeff Clement RC
2003 Prestige Green Xtra Points Bobby Wade RC #'d 1/25
Bobby Wade RC's: SP Auto #'d/1200, Elite #'d/500, Classics #'d/900, Showcase #'d/750, Showcase Gold #'d/125, Honors #'d/550, Press Pass Auto, SP GU #'d/600, Ultimate Collection #'d/750 and SP Signature Edition #'d/750.

2004 Ultra Gold Medallion Lucky 13 Kellen Winslow Jr. (x2)
1996 UD Hot Properties Keyshawn Johnson / Terry Glenn (x2) and the Gold Version
1999 SPA BGS 8 Cade McNown Rookie #'d/1999
1999 Fleer Focus Cade McNown Rookie #'d/2250
1996 SP Focus on the Future: Isaac Bruce, John Mobley and Frank Sanders

Vince Young Topps RC, Vince Young Topps Red Hot Rookies, Vince Young Topps Madden, Matt Leinart Fleer RC (x2), Matt Leinart Topps RC, Lawrence Maroney Topps Red Hot Rookie and several other '06 common/semistar RC's :cry:. Have a couple Gradkoswski Fleer RC's too, that I can think of.

Peace ya'll,

- Dave (the northcutt douche)
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need this one Dave..

2003 Finite Dominick Davis RC #'d/999

and also if you ever found that Cresse jersey card lmk


Week old post bumping extraordinaire
Joey - I'll dig when I get back home. I know where the DD is, and am fairly confident I can locate that Cresse, along with other LSU losers :dance: