My Motivation Mailweek


Bench Warmer
OK, most of you are probably wondering what the title means. Well here you go...

About 2 weeks ago I had pretty much made my mind up that I was going to quit collecting Daniel Gibson because he doesn't have anything new anymore and I never see the older stuff I don't already have. But, about a day or two after I had made that post, 2 very important cards that I had never seen before popped up on eBay. It was either luck or someone saw the post and decided to mess with me ;)

On to the mailweek!

First 2 cards for the Blake Griffin PC:

09/10 SP Game Used RC /399!

09/10 Certified Fabric of the Game /99!

Now the Boobie Gibson PC pickups:

08/09 Hot Prospects Red Hot /25!

And the 2 "motivators" :D

06/07 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor RC Auto /25!

07/08 Hot Prospects Stat Tracker Auto Patch /5!

Thanks for looking!​


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I'm always a fan of Gold Refractors so that's definitely my favorite of the bunch. That patch auto is nasty as hell though.