My little emerald, gold, red day.


Bench Warmer
Got 3 cards in today. 2 RC's and gold S.A.

06 Darryl Tapp R@S longevity emerald RC #20/29

07 Courtney Taylor prestige extra points red RC #16/100

06 Shaun Alexander topps paradigm gold #5/25

This is my first one of this kind. Its a good looking card.

Man I miss my big mail days. I just can't seem to win much anymore. Damn hawks fans are going nuts on the bay. :(:(

Thanks for looking,;):salut:


Bench Warmer
Damn hawks fans are going nuts on the bay

Ahh, maybe not all 'Hawks fans.. they just have a feeling that the Seahawks are gonna be tearin up Glendale AZ this coming Feb!!!! :rambo:

Great cards!!! Yes I want more Cougarwash maildays!!!!!!