My heartfelt thanks and bit of advice


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First of all I'd like to thank those of you who had a small thought and did a small prayer for the guy I work with who lost his wife a few weeks ago. I saw him today and he's still a bit in shock but doing ok otherwise. The funeral/celbration of her life was last Sunday at a lodge and she got the Hells Angels salute, which brought everyone to tears.

It turns out she passed away from a massive heart attack in her sleep with him sleeping right next to her. And she had hypertension and wasn't taking her pills. He was a temp worker and they don't get benefits, but he was just made a permanent employee in July and she had gotten so used to not taking her pills, because they couldn't afford them, that she continued to not take them.

So here's the advice portion.

If you have to take medication to treat a condition and don't have insurance to help make it more affordable, look into the different programs run by a lot of pharmacies and the drug manufactors. A lot of drug manufactors, if you go directly to them, will help get their meds more affordable to you or donate them to you, especially if you have a condition that requires their meds. TJ and his wife had been looking into it because it's not widely known that there are programs out there.

The other advice I have for you is don't sweat the small stuff. He told me that life is too short to be messing around with BS. If someone pisses you off, walk away from it and don't live in the past. (he and his wife were raising thier 5 yr old granddaughter because of a falling out with his daughter) Everyone makes mistakes and you can choose if you are going to stress over certain things.

We have some of the best members here on this board. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving him thoughts and prayers, he said he appreciates it and it gave him the strength to make it through a rough few weeks.


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Anytime, Cris. Very sorry to hear about your friends tragedy. Very sad to hear.

Yeah as I am into my 3rd year of being 40 :redface: I am getting into that "f##k the a$$holes" in my life and just have really gotten into a good mood when I blow them off. Don't need that crap AT ALL! Some have given me the "Where did you go?" line, and I just don't answer. Fack 'em.

Let me extend a big cyber HUG to ya Scrappy, and your friend. I hope it helps you all. :salut: