My first experience with a shop lifter?


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I was at Wally World about an hour ago. I paid for my items I bought and started walking to the door. As I approach the door a guy probably in his early 20's started walking to the door at the same time. I was like mmmmmm something seems fishy. So I stop to let the guy go in front of me and he heads to the door when the old door greeter stops him and asks him for his receipt. The guy was like "The self service lines did not give me a receipt." So this went on for a few minutes and the door guy started walking away and the guy ran out the door. Also remember I am like right behind this guy trying to get out. So he finally got out of the door and left the TV in the parking lot and ran to his car. SO he got away and Wally World got their TV back. Did I write down the license plate of the car no I did not even want to look and be involved in the situatiion at all.

Just a scary situaion to be right in the middle of not knowing if the guy is cracked out and has plans to take down the witnesses around him. Also his car was parked right beside my car in the parking lot. So I am like just let me get the hell home!


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ive had similar happen, where i was walking out and another guy went out with me without a bag and the sensors went off so i got checked :doh:

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I used to work at Target and talked with the security guy a few times. He is head of security of a few Target stores, and a couple in bad areas. He said some people are so cracked out that they load up their cart and start for the front of the store. By they time they are near the doors, they are in full out sprints and out the doors within seconds. Personally, I think that would be pretty funny to see.