My dog is hurt!


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The hot fiance was outside our apartment with her, and the neighbor's dog. She went to let the neighbor's dog back in to her apartment and Lucy got excited and tried to run up the steps and follow her. Maegan heard a yelp and whimpering and turned around and somehow Lucy hurt her back left leg/foot.

We took her to the Vet, who said it doesn't appear to be broken, but it may be a bruise, possibly some kind of tear or a sprain.

She got a shot to help heal it faster and some anti-inflammatory pills.

This was about 3 days ago, and it's pitiful watching her because she's just a puppy and has all of this energy but can't do anything. She is starting to use it more though. Yesterday, she scratched her neck with the leg, so that was good.

I feel so bad for her, if having a child is anything close to this...


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scans or :ban:

and while you are at it might want to post a pic of your puppy too. ;)

Hope the pup is feeling better soon.


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My friends lab just tore her acl last week. I had never haerd of a dog doing that before.

My sister's dog, a terrier mix, tore her ACL last Christmas. She was running around the yard, and all of a sudden yelped, and came up limping. She had to have surgery and all, she's OK now, but still limps a little. She's an older dog, but still a bundle of terrier energy, so the recovery was kinda hard for her, not being able to jump on the couch, etc.