My Dallas Cowboys PC


TP9 | VC15
5.00 star(s)
Through the years of collecting I've focused my collection on several different things, from super collections of certain players to a PC of HOF game-used and autos. None of those collections lasted long, however, before they quickly just got boring. Last year, though, watching the NFL draft it dawned on me; why am I not aggressively collecting Dallas Cowboys? I'm an extremely passionate Cowboys fan, so it just made sense. That said, I decided to start collecting multi-colored patches and autos of all current and retired Dallas Cowboys players. I don't collect players who play for the Cowboys for just a few years and move on. I only collect players who spend a majority of their career as, and are best known for being, a Dallas Cowboy.

If an image isn't showing it's because I found a better card of that player to replace the one I had. Keep scrolling and you should find that card. :)

So, I'll start off by showing what I consider to be the staple of my collection. This card was sent to me absolutely free of charge by Cool_Hand_Flash, by far one of the best guys you'll ever come across.


Tony Romo GU/Auto /10
Here is another one that I got from a group break. One of the hottest linebackers in the NFL right now.


Sean Lee Auto /50
Here is one from my PC of, by far, one of the best pass rushers in the game today.


DeMarcus Ware Auto
Sweet stuff my friend :) (and I seem to remember we had a "blind" trade with the Romo :p People, people! Mike sent back a Joe Montana auto! Seriously! I mean, Romo's good and all, but Cool Joe? Kinda shows that Mike's pretty cool too :)
Johnston was awesome. I still remember clearly that clip of when Emmitt broke Walter Paytons record, when he ran to Johnston and all the emotion came pouring out of him :)
Bob Lilly, great player even though his last name indicates the opposite :p

Honestly, I can't help but think of Evangeline Lilly from Lost :LOL:
Here he is again! One of the most dominant players in the game today.


Demarcus Ware GU /200