My Custom Oregon Ducks Card Set


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Due to my recent discovery of several of my custom card designs being stolen and sold on eBay without my consent, I have decided to temporarily remove my customs from all websites where they have been posted (mostly here).

I'm going to watermark them so they cannot be used in this way and then re-post them. Hopefully, I can at least limit the theft of my creations that way.

To be honest, I never really thought this would happen. I never considered that my designs were high enough quality that someone would be able to sell them. Based on the number this person has sold, clearly I was wrong.

I never intended to profit from these creations...I do them because I enjoy making them and I enjoy sharing them with those who like them. I am very frustrated by this.

I'm very sorry to those who enjoy my designs that I will have to watermark I really wanted to share them in their cleanest form. But, clearly that just can't be done anymore.