My adventure in which to obtain all....


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patch cards from 10-11 Dominion has taken a slow toll all of a sudden. I knew this was going to happen, just didn't know when. There have been a few on SCForums, but the owners don't want to sell and only trade for their personal agendas or collections. I can respect that. Others want a substantial amount because I have a feeling they know I'm trying to do the set. I have 8 total, 8 of the 25 produced. There is one on ebay and it has been on there for the past 2 months with a $100 BIN or Best Offer. I'm scared to Best Offer because I don't want to be blocked and never have the opportunity to snag it. Its numbered 6/25. Yes, Weber's jersey number. Some on here know that I can give 2 @&%*! about numbering. I have 1/25 and 25/25 and never paid above 25 for either. But in the same breath, a card is worth however much I'll pay for it. Without further ado, here are the current 8 that I have starting with my 1st pick up to my latest;









Most of the markings are either from my dirty scanner (obviously) or the toploaders/magnetics.


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Dude, that's so awesome. Good luck to you! I've thought about doing stuff like like, namely with a 2/11 fitgerald auto i pulled out of playbook ... just to try to find as many of the 11 as possible but then i realized it would be hard and gave up. You on the other hand said "who cares if it's difficult" and went for it. BEST OF LUCK! GO GET EM!!!